Friday, February 01, 2008

Our Lady of Tissues and Fever

Drug it out of bed to blog and drag it back. Outdoors it is a winter wonderland with snow burdened trees and icy cold air. Inside I am suffering with a severe sore throat and cough. It is likely some germ saw me walking by yesterday and decided I would be the perfect place to wait out the cold, and since I am commited to kick this early I will be back in bed before spell check finishes. Since I am snowed in I won't be attempting water aerobics until it thaws, which is frustrating since I'm behind in it. But the trusty treadmill awaits. Goody :/

Hot soup, salt gargle, and Advil...oh my!


Godinla said...

Find some zinc and shove it up your nose. That's the advice that my neighbor gave my wife. Could be trying to poison my wife, now that I think of it. Okay, don't shove any zinc up your nose unless my wife's bronchial crap goes away. If my wife dies (I probably won't post anything for a couple of days), I'll let you know for sure that the whole zinc thing is a no go.

Take care however you can.



I am sorry you are not feeling very well Laura. Cuddle up on the couch, get a good book, and a cup of hot tea and relax. Chicken Soup, you need lots of Chicken Soup. Feel better sugar.