Sunday, February 24, 2008


My grandmother was quite a character. I don't hold a candle to her in this regard, but I do frequently find myself remembering and following through on her ability to find the fun in the mundane. Oscar Night was one of these small celebrations, and she and I would generally watch the telecast together. She loved to buy a brand new box of chocolates (usually the old "Annaclairs" from Sanger -Harris, but chocolate covered cherries would do) that would sit on her lap the whole show. Everytime a favorite film star or film won any category we would :::pop::: a whole chocolate in our mouths. Now she was diabetic as she got older, but this was a tradition she steadfastly refused to give up. We got chocolates, she got life savers.

So in the years I have been around my neices I brought this tradition back, this time I provided the chocolate covered cherries. It didn't seem to impress them much at the time, except the fact they were allowed to stay up later than usual to watch the show. Today is Oscar Day, and since they are all almost grown with busy lives I had no plans to watch it with them. Imagine my surprise when I answered a knock on my door earlier today to find my 16 year old neice Maryssa. Just stopping by to drop off a box of chocolate covered cherries since we wouldn't be together tonight. Wow, even when you think they aren't really getting it, they are. I consider this the best picture winner for sure :)


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Godinla said...

Beautiful the way life rotates and brings us 'round again. These are the little things that keep our hearts beating. You are a lucky lady.