Saturday, February 02, 2008


Yesterday's stiff neck aand sore throat has turned into today's rumbling stomach. Desperately hungry (since I couldn't eat yesterday), I improvised a soupy mushroom rice dish to eat, and so far so good in keeping it down. The fever comes and goes, and luckily I am not coughing and wheezing...yet. I am bowing out of my Superbowl Party plans as I wouldn't wish this on a mangy yeller dog.

Took the opportunity to bring out and and re-read "Geek Love" by Katherine Dunn. Been a few years, and I still find myself fascinated with it. And just for you Brian I scanned the insciption on the front page. I met Katherine through an old friend, and when I sold two of my own "Geek Box" art pieces to Barbara Lazaroff in Los Angeles (the infamous Mrs. Wolfgang Puck) and she found out I knew Katherine she tried bidding furiously for the right to film it through me. It truly is a small world in so many respects.

Working on feeling better...wish me luck. :)

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Godinla said...

Amazing. That is the best thing ever. Thanks for getting me that close to the master.