Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Awoke yesterday to the wailing of a tornado warning siren, and it was another wild weather day. Awoke this morning to the news of the tornado devestation in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama. My heart really goes out to the residents; it could have just as easily been Illinois as well.

Had some really interesting thoughts yesterday about the core passion energy for life and how some people that are emotionally injured try subconciously to squelch it in various ways. I am as guilty as most in this, and it was interesting to apply this notion to my own life. As I better find better words to describe my thoughts I will write about it here of course.

Made my traditional election chili last night. I was clear Obama would win Illinois even before I voted, but I felt happy about my participation. I really would be satisfied with either candidate on some level.

Desk is up. Gotta go scratch that itch! :)

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