Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I would dearly love to say something wise and pithy about love here today. All I can speak to is what I know about love from my own experience. Love is fragile, and can evaporate without care. Love is strong and can last for a whole life. Love can not be rented or even purchased. Love can die when burdened with expectation. Love does not always look like you thought it would. Love can be exasperating, messy and drive you crazy. Love can heal old scars, or cause deeper ones. Love makes no logical sense.
But one thing I really believe. Just about every human action is motivated by love or lack of it. It is my thought that while we all focus outward for the grand, glorious "love" we might be missing the big picture of the love that surrounds us on many levels everyday. So to my friends I say this: Love yourself today. With all your imperfections and faults. Love yourself as I love you. My commitment to myself today is to do the same.


BBC said...

Yeah, I got milk, you got cookies?

Laura Belle said...

Sorry to say BBC, but you might be shaking the wrong cookie jar :)