Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Notes from the Van

I am so happy I voted early. (LOL) My Voter pick up hours were from 6 am-10 am this morning, and from what I saw even in the early hours of the day it was apparent that this was not "election as usual." The wait in this small town at 6 am this morning was 25 minutes. At 6 am! By the end of my shift, the voters were moving through the process in about 90 minutes. Instead of the one or two voters to their polling place per trip I was delivering 6-8, even in the early hours. I even picked up and delivered two hospital patients today. It was truly amazing.

At about 9 am the call went out for available Madison County van drivers to pick up bottled water and fruit snacks to deliver to a larger city in my area for people that were waiting in a long outdoor line to vote. Since I was not available to deliver that far out of town another van met me halfway to unload the cases of bottled water our town had on hand. If Obama runs the country like his organization ran this get out the vote campaign, we will be in great hands indeed.

Then it was home to make my traditional Election Day Ex Girlfriend chili. Read the chili story here: Ex .Made five pounds this year, and I slurped up this bowl soon after this picture was taken. Life is good. Now I'm crossing my fingers and watching the results like everybody else :)

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