Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doodle's Turkey Plan

Ok, here is the deal. Two weeks ago the red haired lady I live with and I had a little "situation'" I have long suspected she does NOT eat the same food I do, but now I know that for sure. I was minding my own business, watching her rattling pots and pans in the "kitchen" room (that is always so entertaining). There was this BIG green pot on the stove that steamed for a long time, and she watched it carefully, so I got a clue it was important. She opened the pot, and took too long stick-like things and stuck them in the pot. As she turned around all of the sudden..."BOOM" right in front of my eyes was a huge mound of steaming " damn chicken" right there in front of my nose. I know it was a damn chicken that exploded on impact, because she said that as it dropped. It looked really strange on the floor, still really hot and steaming, but it smelled really good. She forced me to stay away from it as she tried to scoop it out on a big plate, but I knew it was a losing proposition. There was lots of little pieces left all over, and I lapped them up before she could even get the mop out. WOW, this wasn't even close to what I get in my bowl. She IS keeping the good stuff for herself !!!

Since then I watch her in the kitchen room very intently. I've tried to hypnotize her into dropping all manner of interesting stuff, but as yet no luck. But yesterday I overheard her talking about a HUGE damn chicken they'll be eating tomorrow, and I am feeling really lucky. My plan is to watch her very carefully. If she can't move a damn chicken from pot to plate, I would wager that would go more than twice for anything bigger. I will just focus on her, silently thinking "drop it, drop it, drop it".

It could work. :P

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