Monday, November 03, 2008

It Takes a Great Woman... raise a great man. She'll be watching still, you can bet on that. My thoughts and prayers are with Obama and his family tonight.


Godinla said...

One more day of life. One more day! I'd give her one of mine so that she could see her boy go the distance. If there is a place for her to watch from, I'm sure her face isn't big enough to hold her smile.

Laura Belle said...

So good to see you God, I so appreciate you checking in on me :)

When I think about all the people willing to give up one more day in their lives for Tutu to see this I figure she'd probably even made it to his re-election. Talk about grace under emotional pressure! It seems Obama has waded through Republican muck up to his knees the last few weeks, and then this. But what does not kill you makes you stronger. I want the tough cookie to be my presidential about you?