Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yay! Snow Day

It is amazing, the way the weather has fluctuated this year. Two days ago in the 70's, now icy and cold again. Been chewing on vitamin C and luckily prepared myself for a few days of creative works at the house. A big roast beast, clean sheets...it's all good.

Yes clean sheets. Is there anything as wonderful on a cold winter night than a warm envelope of bedding? I was thinking this just last night. Every Monday and Thursday is clean sheets day at my house. A little creature comfort ritual that is highly under-rated. It truly is impossible to be miserable when you anticipate clean sheets. Really, I am such a homebody it is funny even to me.

Lately it's been a real struggle to blog. I've realized just how visually motivated I really am in this process by reading other people's blogs. I guess writing is a small way that I express myself, and when I'm in the space to create I automatically turn to art projects. I have never expressed daily angst well, as I tend to approach writing, and any creative endeavor in fact, with a sense of hopefulness and gratitude. It is oh-so-hip to express caustic wit, belittle the efforts of other people, or grind away expressing every angst ridden moment of a life. So much harder, I think, to focus and express even the smallest goodness that graces every life. It is my thought that intelligence is not an automatic pass in the struggle to make positive impact in life. A very intelligent friend once told me that thinking was almost a disease in this culture. She could have been correct.

So off to tackle the roast beast. An onion, a handful of carrots, and a few red potatoes should coax it into sublime submission. On a cold winter's day in Illinois.

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