Monday, March 24, 2008

Today is the Day

Actually it is always "the day". I was thinking earlier how we are not assured anything in this life, even another day in it. Oh, this concept is fine understood intellectually, but really letting it seep into consciousness takes a while. Glimpses are possible with near death, or the death of someone close, but it is the days of waking and fully understanding this that really count. Children know this instinctually, and loose it somewhere along the line to fit in with the larger society. Watching "The Milagro Beanfield War" movie a couple of weeks ago I laughed out loud when the old man woke and thanked God for another day. I laughed mainly in recognition of myself. Finally I'm in the stage of life I realize that it is "the day" everyday.
So today I had a good breakfast, the sun is shining, and the desk is calling. Today is the day.


Godinla said...

So true. Too bad that I can't really keep this in mind from one day to the next.

By the way, love your dancing Laura Belle below your Blogger Friends list.

Laura Belle said...

(LOL) Thanks Brian. I have the mark of the courtesan in my horoscope chart, and sometimes it wriggles out. It is springtime and my sprite is dancing!