Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Madness

(LOL) And I don't mean basketball. The last week's news has had it's share of drama and then some. Can we go a week without a major scandal in Washington ? The Internet culture is, indeed, the dawn of a new age. It is much harder now for public and private people to be secretly hypocritical in their speech and actions. Someone somewhere has a tape recorder, a video phone and access to YouTube. In a way, this is a good thing. It is going to require a massive shift in the perception of our elected officials who for too long have "talked the talk" and walked a very different way. Those who's hate speech fell on a few now find it hitting the ears of all. But the rights to privacy have been blurred to such an extent that anyone is fair game, even those loosely associated with the main character under assassination. Who among us has not been in a situation where we disagreed with a sermon we didn't prepare, or had a friendship with someone based on what was exhibited and not in the totality of their activities? It is a strange new world. As usual, with every blessing does indeed come a curse. This judgemental scrutiny is fine and dandy, unless you are the focus of it. As a society we must stop the madness of continually searching for what is "right" and "wrong" and recognize that everything we rail against is within us as well.


Godinla said...

That is a lovely thought and it would be nice if we could live that way but throwing stones is so easy. It's especially fun when you've got an audience who get off totally in watching pillars fall. We're at a point now where we want to buy the book, watch the movie, and buy the new CD by the prostitute who brings down the elected official. Mud flies freely today and sitting in your living room and being a complicit slinger is the new America. What do our children think of us? What will they become? Have we forgotten that they are watching for guidance?

Laura Belle said...

It all begins with personal choice, wouldn't you agree? To rail against the tidal wave is futile, but to live daily the change you want in life is the key. I too wonder what the children gleen from all this. I just hope they are smarter and more spiritually aware earlier than we were.