Tuesday, June 23, 2009

State of Dreams

I found myself dreaming last night of furiously packing supplies for the resistance fighters in Iran. Big boxes of food and clothing, all this media coverage must be getting to me. I was even on the hunt for cell phone batteries and rechargers. I never thought I would see such a revolution in an Islamic country over a democratic election, and I can't imagine how it will end at this point. So here we all sit on our duffs "hoping" we will get health care, and it's not looking too promising. Such a topsy turvy world we live in. I would never have thought Americans would be so docile in the face of real crisis. Nary a peep when Bush stole his first election. I am ashamed, really.

Saw a program last night on a new form of Health care, the "Concierge Doctor". You pay an enormous yearly retainer for 24/7 health care catering to your every whim. The doctor who practices this was a terrible example of how this worked, as she couldn't really describe it to another doctor without sounding snarky and elitist. "If you can afford to pay for the best in individualized health care then you will seek out my services." This is what we have come to in America? A retainer to insure basic health care? It is time to take to the streets.


Cedar said...

Healthcare in this country is big business...and we Americans are all about BIG BUSINESS and their BIG PROFITS. And if you say it isn't fair who are the first to raise their heads and bleet? The the lower class that live in fear and buy into propaganda scream FASCIST, SOCIALIST...which really are nothing alike...but Universal Healthcare is unAmerican and that much they do know, because Rush told them so.

Godinla said...

Go Cedar!