Monday, June 15, 2009

HBO's Bill Maher Takes On President Obama

This message from Bill Maher is from the birdcage Mr. President. Do what you promised you would do for us, or all the happy media in the world will not save your popularity. You were given a mandate, use it. If we can not trust you to do so, what option is really left to us but revolution?


Anonymous said...

I sent a cordial note of how appalled I am at the administration.The slanderous remarks that drew a parallel to Gays,incest and underage marriage in the DOMA defense brief and, the lack of Obama to come forward making it clear those are not his words is my break away point. The signing of a few scant benefits today is a lame attempt to keep a fundraiser within the LGBT community from being boycotted. Period. As far as I am concerned the brief said volumes as to what is really being supported. Not ever again on my dime.

Godinla said...

Revolution is a powerful word, sweetie.

Laura Belle said...

Yes God it is, and I didn't stumble by using it. Have you read the Health Care Reform bill? Good Lord, it is rife with special interest agenda. I do understand taking the middle ground, but certain subjects need immediate sweeping change. Health care being one, as well as basic human rights for the Homosexual population. Is that really too much to ask?
If we continue down this road paved with special interests there will be a time that revolution is the only alternative available for relief. I do not relish this reality, truly. Obama is still my guy, but bring on the bitter medicine, sugar won't help it all that much.