Monday, June 01, 2009


Gad, another head cold. I always get them whenever the season turns, but this one has been particularly nasty. Add a little step throat, and as you can imagine I've been laying around in and out of consciousness and begging for death over the last few days. My poor little dog can't imagine what is wrong with me, he just sits at my side looking really puzzled. But today I am about 60% power, so I am updating my blog and hoping for better health soon.

I missed my niece's actual graduation this weekend, I was much to sick to take my fever and constant phelm into a group of innocent bystanders. Especially with swine flew jitters, I could have cleared the room for sure (LOL) Would have been good for seating I guess. There is always an upside.

Been working on a long serious post about my recent "ah-ha" moment about animals, but it will have to wait until I can type with fewer coughing fits. Happy Birthday Mr. Cook...I hope it was a good one. Will call soon.

Otherwise, I am still alive. This is the good news :)


r o g n y c said...

Hoping you feel well soon.

Godinla said...

Feel better. Good to know that you're still alive. Tell Mr. Cook to have a slice of cake for me and I'll have a piece of pie for him (today is my birthday!).


Laura Belle said...

Happy Birthday Pie God! Hope you gobbled it up with fingers and your face right in it like a pie eating contest. No one really needs utensils with a pie you know. :)
Another Gemini, always the best of friends for this Libra.

r o g n y c said...

Happy (albeit belated) Birthday Godinla!