Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Entrance Dance

Yes, this video has been everywhere you look. But such an expression of joy is an inspiration, and I am happy they shared it with the world. Every single person at this wedding delighted and smiling, a real treat to watch. I wish this couple all my best for a long and happy life. They are well on their way :)


r o g n y c said...

Something about this video does not sit right with me. Is it their lack of rhythm? No, not per se. Is it that the guy who sings the song has been convicted of beating his girlfriend? No, but an ironic choice.

I think it's that I have heard way too much about the "sanctity" of traditional marriage. Those who oppose my civil right to marry seem to convincingly argue that religious ceremony trumps self expression. Well, if that's the case, and let's be clear it IS church involvement which is preventing gay marriage, a church becoming Soul Train is not a right rite.

OK, because I am truly a romantic a heart and I am not intending for any bad karma to come my way I wish this couple all the happiness in the world. But someone needs to take a second run at explaining to me why they can have it their way but I can not have it my way.

Laura Belle said...

Well said. I too had some thought on this, since I am excluded from this right as well. But I felt this couple didn't deserve my ire at the state of Gay marriage, and I tried to focus on the intended spirit or their happy day.

I do agree though, it will be a bittersweet taste until we can design our own if we choose.