Thursday, October 04, 2007

Update on Life in the Heartland

Wow, I have never felt so silent in my life. Every day I try to remind myself to BLOG and by the end of the day I haven't. I guess all the confusion and anxiety the last few months have taken their toll on my voice. So those of you that read this looking for me I am sorry. I am struggling to find my routine in my new surroundings, and I miss my blogging too.

Patty is healing up well, and I spent a lot of time taking over her life last week. And what did I learn from this? Her life is hard, she is welcome to have it back. I knew making the decision not to have kids was a sound one for me. Love 'em when I rent 'em, but I like getting the deposit back at the end of the day. (LOL) My nieces took the opportunity of me hanging around a lot to con me into building elaborate mermaid/ merman costumes (three guesses who is gonna be a merman...) for Halloween. I will post pictures before they get out the door and get sticky candy all over them.

Judy called from New Zealand last night to wish me "Happy Birthday" and it was good to talk to her. Today got a birthday giftie from Genie in the mail. Totally unexpected and welcomed, thank you Genie. :) Tomorrow (my actual birthday) Patty and I will be taking a girl's day out. The only thing I really know we will do for sure is "shrimp"...(LOL) I guess that's the word that jumped out at me in her birthday plan description. Since we are the only family members that adore them we sneak away and do "shrimp" whenever we can. My birthday is as good an excuse as any.

It is terrifically hot here still, I am waiting for the kiss of crispness that means fall has arrived. It usually arrives around my birthday, but this year only steam heat. So my Meez character chose to be a devil this year for Halloween, figuring if you can't beat the weather join it. :)

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Bammy said...

Happy birthday Sunshine!!!!!!