Monday, September 24, 2007

The Birthday Girls

This weekend found me elbow deep in twin birthday cakes for my sisters Patty and Martha. They were actually born on the same day a year apart, and we decided to have a joint birthday party on Sunday. They requested opposite cakes (figures, they couldn't be any more different as people) and I accomplished harmony by the cake decoration. No candles, just 44 candy roses for Patty and 43 candy roses for Martha. The cakes basically became a rose trellis for each sister. I dearly love making birthday cakes, and this time unfortunately wasn't fast enough with my camera to show pictures. Cake does not last long with these kids. (LOL)
Of course this was a send off for Patty's surgery today. She has been in a lot of pain with that genetic rudimentary gallbladder we all have (thanks Mom), and we (being us) laughed all evening about Patty's surgeon's reaction to what he found in her stomach today. I am sending up prayers that all will be well, and would appreciate any other prayers in this regard. I guess I have lived to long not to know even routine surgery has real risks.
Finally have all my books unpacked, and not nearly enough bookcase space for them all. Story of my life actually. I figure the day I have enough space I would die in shock before placing the last book. My neice asked me point blank if I had read them all, and when I told her I had she never missed a beat asking "Then why do you keep them ?" I went into a long explination around how they were special art books and they inspired me, but really she might be right. I am just grateful, I suppose, to be their caretaker in this life. Just as long as I don't have to move them again anytime really soon.

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