Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie :)

Look what washed up on the lakeside this Halloween! OOOooo...scary! The famous mermaid and merman costumes were finished in the nick of time. The pictures above were taken before Crystal and Amber went to school today (no makeup/hair color was allowed there), and in the last Crystal is ready to go out trick or treating with full tattoos and spray painted hair. Amber was a little self conscious around her mermaid ..ah-hem "chest" but loved her long blue hair and dangling earrings. Crystal loved her "Shark King" chest tattoo and stuffed six pack abs. Plenty of securely wrapped Halloween candy was enjoyed by all :)



Most excellent customing Ms. Belle. All the kids looked great.


Laura Belle said...

Thanks Ris. We had a really great time..and I do think they are both cute as buttons :)

r o g n y c said...

WOW! The costumes look fab! Wish I had a Crystal, not Ethel! Good to see you warming up to tatoo too...even if on kiddos!