Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today was THE Day

I voted today. It was the day I could coordinate and take two of my neighbors, an elderly woman with mobility problems and a hunky construction worker to help get her around. All three of us on a mission to elect Barack Obama the next president of these United States.

I have never voted early before, and what we encountered at the polling place was definitely a real surprise to me. I live in a town about the size of Wasilla, Alaska: I have voted here before and never even had a line to contend with. But today? Today we waited in a very long line of early voters, it took 40 minutes for all three of us to get through the process. Any time I ever voted here I was generally the youngest person in the room, but not today. Young people, barely out of high school, mamas balancing babies on their hip, some people you know haven't darkened the door of a polling station in years. It struck me so many people were voting from a position of fear, Republicans scared of the bogeyman Obama, Democrats scared of four more years. But everyone was polite, things went smoothly, and now we can only wait and pray for the right outcome for this country.

I will be driving the van on Tuesday to deliver people to the polls for the Democratic Party as I have in the last four elections. I will also be making my famous election day ex-girlfriend chili, you know, the stuff we've drowned our sorrows in for the last two elections. I hope this year's chili will be the celebration kind.

Just saw Obama's infomercial on television. The HOPE gave me goosebumps. I've made my stand, and I choose to stand with him. THAT ONE...the one with the clear vision of what America was and can be again.

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