Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miss Me?

Been on a whirlwind of travel since my birthday. Just spent 12 days working the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana, and it looks like I'll be working almost every weekend until Christmas. Considering the economy is so bad we've actually been doing well, mainly because we sell an inexpensive luxury product. The biggest trend we've seen so far this season is virtually no credit card sales. Seems everyone spends the cash in their pockets now, which is strange since generally credit card sales are usually at least 20% of our business at shows. My heart goes out to all the people out there struggling so, and I am grateful we actually sell a really great food product so I know they are eating well at the very least.

I have so much updating to do over the next few days, as Doodle has grown ENORMOUS (three full pounds in two months!), I have all kinds of good pictures and arty stuff I've been saving, and of course there are my birthday lamps. You gotta see them to believe them :) Yippeeee!

I want to take this opportunity to say a belated happy birthday to Judith. I was in Indiana for your birthday where there was no cell phone reception, and I thought of you all day on your birthday. Hope you had a good one and knew I was thinking of you in the wilds of Indiana.

So I will get on with updating. Enjoy :)

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