Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Birthday Boy Speaks

Some days it really pays to get up from my cushy bed. I mean yesterday the red headed woman I live with went crazy. She did, all day yammering on about something called "birthday". All I know is that I am feeling some serious food damage today, and will dictate this missive from the couch, thank you.

As I was saying, who knew there were so many dog treats allowed in one day? I knew something was up when early on I got this big fluffy thing that looks like a pillow. I assumed it was a bigger, fluffier chew toy and started ripping at the seams right away, but "she-who-will-be-obeyed-if-I-feel-like-it" started the whole "No, No, NO!" routine. She can be such a killjoy like that.

Next I got something I won't soon forget. It was a "doggie cake". At least that was what she called it. All I know is that this "cake" thing was actually chicken liver iced with peanut butter. She sent one over to Oscar for his birthday too, I can hardly wait to compare notes with him on how long it took for him to eat his. I clocked mine at 2 minutes 37 seconds with nary a crumb left. All the time asking, as always, what's for dessert? Buurp.

But the best, and I mean the best, was the new toy she actually let me chew on. I generally like new toys, it is a challenge to see how long it takes to chew them up; I mean I use squeak toys to pick my teeth. But the new toy was something marvelous. Fits well in my mouth. Nice and red, that's a plus. But this mild mannered toy has a secret...it is filled with FOOD! And when it's empty, I can drop it at her feet and it magically fills up with more food. I ask you...can it get any better than this? I don't think so!

So this whole "birthday" thing wasn't half bad. I vote every day be a "birthday" day. Oops, new toy is empty. Gotta go see if that whole "magical appearing food" works today.

The DOODster

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