Friday, April 03, 2009

The Force of Nature called by the name Doodle

String Chew Toy before Doodle

String Chew Toy after Doodle and three hours

Ecco Walking Shoe before Doodle

Ecco Walking Shoe after Doodle and three months

This little McDonald's kids Happy Meal toy is built like a tank. Doodle has been chewing this a while and it is still intact, a major engineering achievement to be sure. Last night, after winding it up (when wound it wiggles like it is alive) and throwing it for him the billionth time, I actually watched my dog WIND the toy himself and bring it back to me wriggling. Let me repeat this...he used his teeth to grasp the winder and turned it until it started moving and brought it back to me. He is so proud of this accomplishment he has spent the morning winding and rewinding it.
I figure a videotape of this on Youtube will get a zillion hits. What on earth kind of alien chew monster am I living with? (LOL)

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Godinla said...

Go Doodle!