Friday, April 17, 2009

And so it can now be said...

Over 15 million hits on Youtube over the last week, Susan Boyle has become a sensation. I attached her video to my blog a couple of days ago because I was very impressed by her, and then thought about why this particular moment in time was so inspiring to me.

It is not the lesson of don't judge a book by it's cover, although I would bet this was the lesson for some of those millions. For me it was her amazingly clear spirit and humility. From the very first, when she walked out on this stage, her gait clearly shows a woman unaccustomed to wearing high heels. Finding the mark, and looking over an audience fully prepared to rip her spirit to shreds, she continued to stand her ground and smiled. When she answered her age, it was obvious she was prepared for the negative reaction, and tried her best to laugh first with attitude. And that small smile just before the first note. as if she knew she could sing, and would come Hell or High Water. And so she did.

During her performance, she backed off her mark slowly, almost as if she was retreating from all the eyes focused on her. I doubt she heard anything but her own voice, and the promise she made herself in her head."Just do it." She had won just being there. That is why she started to walk off before the judging I think, because she was just that thrilled to have participated. I doubt she heard most of what the judges said, and her childlike reaction when she realized she would be coming back to sing again was a genuine delight. She was used to hearing no, a yes more than she could hope for. Stomping and whooping when she heard three yes votes, that was her spirit let free.

Success comes at the perfect time for you Susan. When you can best enjoy it and appreciate it with maturity. I wish you best in this competition, but regardless of the outcome you have won already. My wish for you is that you work as hard as you can to preserve yourself, the core of you that inspired us all. Keep your cat and your home, resist anything that doesn't feel right for you. Just keep singing for us all!

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