Friday, July 06, 2007

45 Days...and still no ARK

It flooded in my neighborhood today. This picture is the cross street directly in front of the house. I live in the Houston Heights, so named because it is the highest point of land in Houston. It has rained here continually for forty-five days, and we are still not assured of a dry day in the next seven. There was even a water spout that turned into a tornado on Galveston Island yesterday... which has never happened before.
My car parked on the street curb. About an hour after this picture was taken the water reached the bottom of my front bumper. Luckily it did not float down the street, a few of my neighbors were not so lucky. In the middle of all this, Wade blew a fuse in the house and there was really no way to get anywhere to replace it for several hours. Fun, fun, fun.
I'm just saying, if there is anyone building an Ark out there, and you are picking two lesbians for the ride, I volunteer to be one of them. Really.

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Bammy said...

I feel your pain baby...