Friday, June 15, 2007

What I fround Digging Around in the Back Yard

Fig Trees! One on the side of the house, one in the back yard. Both so full of baby fig fruits we'll have tons of them by mid-summer. I looked up recipes today for fig jam, fig cake, and fig muffins to try and use some of them. I have always loved gardening and foods you go just go outside and pick to eat. I have fond memories of picking nice warm figs off the tree in my Aunt's House in Galveston and biting into the swishy fruit. YUM! If anybody out there has good ideas for using them up, please email me.
Dreamed of an idea for an art show last night, and started seriously thinking about it today. Even started looking on EBAY for one of the special materials. It has been very rainy in Houston, and just the perfect weather for dreaming and planning today. So things are percolating here, and I wanted to share my delight in the simple fig :)

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