Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No Road Trip is Complete...

...without Bizarre Trip Art. At least no trip I've ever taken. (Judy will vouch for this, I am sure.) So this weekend Wade made us close our eyes as he drove through a warehouse district in Houston so he could surprise us with these. GIANT Presidential heads, the whole area looking like a movie set for the "Attack of the 30 Foot Tall Dead Presidents". (LOL) This is actually the studio parking lot of the sculptor David Adickes, his most famous piece being the Stephen F. Austin Monument viewed driving into Houston. It was a surreal experience, all these disembodied heads, as these photos can attest, but cool.

(OK, maybe this is where his brian is stored.)

Still on my quest to bring the you the very best bizarre art for entertainment and amusement :)

Texas to Get Prez Heads and Titanic Cowboy - Roadside America

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