Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is This Any Way to Treat the President Deux

He-He-He. Another Blue Q product. I always wonder when I see things like this if the company is audited shortly after introduction of this kind of thing. In any case, I am gonna save this sticker sheet for truly memorable letter writing experiences. Thanks Wade :)
Busy getting bracelets finished this week for the Seattle Art Museum's new expansion opening. I will be the featured artist in the Gift Gallery during the big Gala Public Reception, and it promises to be very glamorous. Of course I won't be attending, but my bracelets will.(LOL) All this and a three pound potato within the last thirty days. I guess I can't say my life isn't unusual.
Funny thing is, when I was designing jewelry early on in my career the Seattle Art Museum never bought any of it. Of course they were great customers when I did the candles and other products, so I have no complaints. Figures that these one of a kind bracelets I didn't really make with the idea of selling would be what they want to buy and focus on. Now to find more vintage beads and get to it.

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