Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One of the BEST Gifts of My Holiday :)

This year one of my very best holiday gifts came from the most unlikely of sources. (LOL) Not that Crystal (Pictured here showing me her new basketball enhanced muscles) isn't a gift anytime I see her :) But this year it was the gift she chose for me that made me squeal with glee. This year, under the tree I found new edition "Wacky Packs" as a gift from Crystal. I have written many times before that when I was a child these stickers were fascinating to me, and I had everything in sight plastered with Wacky Pack stickers.The whole concept of making fun of everyday household products really thrilled me then, and I have said many times it was perhaps one of the greatest influences on my work as an adult. I am, as an artist, but an ode to the lowly Wacky Pack.
As all good ideas do, this one has cycled back through life, and Crystal discovered Wacky Packs this year herself. And in doing so, thought I might like them as well. Of course, like chocolate covered cherries, this gift was meant to be shared (LOL) as she was busily collecting series four herself and looked forward to the "extra" stickers in my packs. She had no idea this product had ever been produced before, or even that I had loved and collected them when I was her age. And that was the best part of this gift. Knowing the "Neice " apple doesn't fall far from the "Aunt" tree, and that we actually instincutally recognize the person at the core of the other. :)

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