Monday, January 29, 2007

Just When you thought I Was Gone For Good (LOL)

OK, I am making an effort today. Life travels in such lightening speed during the Holidays (especially traveling and being out of pocket as much as I was) for me I swear I didn't have a minute to really think and blog, and I missed it. This was my hardest Christmas on record, as I started it in a bad frame of mind (over my car) and never really got it together as I normally would. I also felt like taking a little Internet "break" to deal with my own overcrowded plate, but now life has resumed and it is onward and hopefully upward from here. The trials and tribulations of an artist in this age.
Still not smoking. For those counting that would be 166 days. As stressful as my holidays were this year it was a lot of work not to just grab a pack and go. But I am determined, and those of you that know me personally know how I get in that state.(LOL) I did not reach my goal of weaning myself off the Commit nicotine lozenges by Jan. 1st, 2007 but I am close, as I did go to the lower dose and keep consistently at about 8 tabs a day. Have several sets of pictures and a few fun stories around the holidays to share over the next few days, and I thank all my friends that read here for their patience with me in this regard. I haven't given up my blog, just out experiencing a little life to write about. :)

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