Friday, June 25, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance 2.0

I am generally a positive person. And right there we see an example of cognitive dissonance in action. I have gotten where it is increasingly difficult to watch the news daily and keep the directly opposite idea in my head that mankind is generally good. I find myself now looking at normal people I come in daily contact with and saying to myself "How can you possibly be happy and content in life?" From the oil spill, to the increasing discontent I feel about our government and disappointment I feel in the Obama administration it just seems the world has taken a clear path toward destruction. The aware and awake side of me says "get out there and do something to stop this" and the opposite purrs " it's too late to do anything, eat this sausage McMuffin and dance while Rome is burning." I'd like to blame this on my nature as a Libra, but more and more I realize people are heavily invested in ignoring what goes on in life so they can get their next "fix". I am as guilty as anyone in this. I can't be the only sleepless person that doesn't do cognitive dissonance very well however. Perhaps I should develop a 2.0 Cognitive Dissonance system for those among us that have a hard time being glassy eyed and nodding when reality is shouting for action.

Thoughts on a sleepless night. This too shall pass.

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