Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Note from the Floor

Okay, not really the floor. I've decided the couch cushions are far more cushy then the pitiful cat bed that red haired woman provided for me on arrival, and so I am dictating this missive from my comfortable couch perch. Wish I could train her to peel me a grape >>sigh<<.

Today I had my puppy check up. I now weigh seven pounds, which is truly remarkable since I never get anything resembling actual food here. That is two whole pounds in six weeks, but even more astounding is my length. I have grown five inches !!! I think this may be because "she" frequently rubs my long belly with her toes when I lie at her feet. I assume if she keeps this up I will be as long as a yardstick by the end of the year.

I hear more "good dog" words than "bad dog" nowadays. I do wonder why "she" spends so much time throwing my string toy around. I keep bringing it back to her, and "she" gets all excited and just throws it again. I will never understand why "she" does this, but it seems to entertain her. I've discovered it is important to keep her occupied and out of trouble, this does it as well as anything.

So that's this dog's life. Still waiting for bacon.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could train her to peel me a grape >>sigh<<.

Just in case, I wanted you to be aware that raisins and, grapes cause renal failure in dogs. And, are toxic in other ways as well. Most reported cases involve large consumption but, I am certain there are cumulative affects. At any rate, it is best not to let your precious acquire a taste for something toxic to him. Wow he is growing :)

Laura Belle said...

Thanks for this information, I appreciate your concern. I was actually using this as a figure of speach to convey his overall "king of the couch" attitude (LOL) My puppy is a "dogaterian", I do not allow him to be fed people food in any form. Which kinda makes him the kid allergic to peanuts among his doggy play date friends..but I hardly think people food is good for people...much less my poopie-do. :)

Cedar said...

He is getting big and he is so cute. He is really a beautiful color. You know they make a bacon treat for dogs, but I still don't see why once a month the dog can't have a little eggs and bacon for Sunday brunch. He does protect you and other good stuff.

Godinla said...

Hang in there, she's a push over. Keep giving her that sad puppy look. She'll be peelin' grapes for you soon enough, even though she won't be feeding them to you. Shh, here she comes!